To My Beloved RFA Fellowship -

I met with Abdul Qadeer, G.M., Holiday Inn Hobby Airport at the Hotel, early in January, gave him a copy of our 2017 signed contract, plus our 2015 contract, with the promise he would check with his team and get back to me. He said we could have the same guest room rate, and we could go ahead and register. Meeting rooms would be more, but not much. Would not be able to provide us with our Hospitality Room due to the renovation.  I did not want anyone to register or making airline reservations  until we had an updated and signed contract. After many phone calls, voicemails and numerous emails, on my part, I finally spoke with and pressured Abdul into giving me an update today. (5/31). He confessed the reason he had not contacted me is that he really did not have an answer for me.

The massive renovation is on going and he cannot guarantee the Hotel will be fully functioning by our Convention Date for 2018. The materials are not being delivered in a timely manner, and many of them are coming from China. At this point, both meeting rooms, the kitchen, restaurant and bar are not operational, and only some of the guest rooms are occupied. They are not only recovering from Hurricane Harvey flood damage, they are doing a major renovation/remodel of the entire hotel, plus there are new owners as well as a new management team.

Abdul has offered the Hotel to us for September 20-21-22, 2019.  We will definitely be looking at other venues as well for 2019. I am very dismayed that he would not return my calls and my emails in a timely manner.

The RFA Board has been copied on all communications with Abdul, and are fully informed about today's Update.

The RFA Board has conferred this morning and we have no choice but to cancel the  RFA Convention, September 14-15-16, 2018, and feel there is not adequate time to secure another location for this September.

We sincerely hope you will plan on September 20, 21, 22, 2019 for a Big, Long-Overdue Celebration in Houston, Texas.

In Love and Service,
Aliene A.
RFA/WSO Board Member

cc. Kathy M.
      Nancy C.