There is an Answer

ear Newcomer,

It is with great warmth and acceptance that I welcome you to this meeting. Having you here is indeed a gift for you and for me. For you it will be a realization that you are not alone in your quest, desire, and painful agony in trying to defeat the overpowering urges to overeat substances which are destroying you. You will now see how because you have been unable to stop eating and lose weight, does not make you weak willed or a failure. You will learn the truth that you are among many with an intolerance to sugar, flour, and wheat.

The best gift you'll receive is that there is an answer. Not a magic pill, recipe, quick fix, or a new diet. This is a real way of living. You are one of the blessed people. If you receive it. Please receive it. You see, I understand the pain, guilt and hopeless feeling of despair. It hurts so bad to feel such defeat. That is why you are my gift. Helping you helps me remember how grateful I am to be free from sugar, flour, and wheat. I feel marvelous. Even when my state of being is in a low state, I still feel marvelous. I am clear headed and honest. And yes, I have been 65 lbs. lighter for 2 years and 9 months. Because freedom from sugar, flour, and wheat means I have no desire or cravings to pick up that stuff, even when I'm sad, lonely, or upset. It's truly a miracle. I am a miracle. Every day I live, I thank God for sending me to an RFA meeting. I was ready and the answer appeared. I took it. I hope that you will take the answer. I will help you any way I can. But the first step is up to you. Please take it.

I look forward to seeing your sadness turned to gladness. I promise you that if you do what I do, it will. Keep coming back!

Reprinted from RFA Newsletter